Product Applications

Identifying tomorrow’s markets today

Recognizing the importance of identifying and commercially developing new products from sustainable fisheries, American Seafoods Group created American Marine Ingredients, staffed it with our best product development and industry experts, and invested the resources to ensure we efficiently maximize the value of our fish harvests.


American Marine Ingredients is focusing on four primary applications for our new product development.

Human nutrition

Our all-American refined fish oil, derived from our own ultra-fresh crude fish oil produced at-sea, provides the freshest high-purity fish oil available today. We have branded our own omega-3 concentrate 54° North fish oil to help build our differentiated story with consumers, available at Our other priorities are to maximize the human nutrition potential by developing new products made from our own Alaska Pollock roe and Alaska Pollock and Pacific hake skins and milt. These products are used as flavor enhancers, emulsifiers, improving texture, and adding nutrition to many food applications.

Animal nutrition

Our animal nutrition fish products hold tremendous potential for providing all-American sourced high nutrition marine products for animals. Our whitefish meal is already an important and high value ingredient in specialty aquaculture feeds. We are also working with pet food suppliers on application of our fish skins as nutritious dried treats for companion animals.


Cosmetic applications are another exciting opportunity for American Marine Ingredients. Collagens derived from our fish can be used to enhance the performance of cosmetics and hair care products.


In the future, American Marine Ingredients is identifying other industrial applications for our products that can benefit from our unique “fresher than fresh” qualities of our products.