Our Company

Leveraging our Strengths

American Marine Ingredients is a subsidiary of American Seafoods Group, one of the world’s leading seafood companies. Our ability to utilize the cumulative expertise, experience and resources of these companies puts us in the strongest possible position to develop and bring to market products that deliver the healthfulness of our fish.

Our mission

Empowering Product Innovation

We satisfy the worlds’ growing nutritional needs with quality marine ingredients made from sustainable and natural fisheries resources for foods, dietary supplements, and animal nutrition. American Marine Ingredients leverages the American Seafood’s core competencies of sustainable marine nutritional research and innovation as well as the corporate commitment to protecting the environment by considering economic, environmental and social factors to ensure that our ingredients offer safe, efficient and sustainable health solutions.

Vertical integration

Seeing the Full Picture

Since we control the harvest, processing and logistics, we can provide customers with complete traceability of our products, all the way back to the vessel and the date the fish was caught. To learn more about the full traceability of our products, contact us.